ASAI Services

Alternative Solutions can offer cost-effective solutions to incarceration through local systems assessments, reentry programming, staff training and grant writing assistance. ASAI can also offer assistance on topics such as jail planning, jail overcrowding, and offender programs. ASAI specializes in assisting agencies and organizations on how to develop the programs that best meet their needs today and in years to come.


Alternative Solutions has developed many trainings for criminal justice and treatment professionals, and can provide customized training curricula tailored to meet your specific needs. Training has been provided for several states and counties, nonprofit agencies and the American Jail Association.

Jail Planning

Alternative Solutions can provide a full range of services for your facility in the area of jail planning. Corrections Departments around the country need assistance as they plan and move forward in making decisions about their current correctional facilities and how to make the most effective use of tax dollars to build and more importantly operate a facility over the next few decades.

Offender Programs

Institutions throughout the country are beginning to provide treatment programs to offenders in an effort to reduce recidivism rates. Alternative Solutions can provide assistance in program design and development based on the needs of the inmate population being served.

Jail Overcrowding

The walls of jails in the United States are bursting at the seams. Overcrowding is a major concern for just about every jail and prison in the United States. Finding alternatives to incarceration to ease overcrowding has been a concept that Kevin Warwick has been developing for over 30 years.

Reentry Programs

The benefits to providing good reentry services are inmates are able to return to the community with a greater chance to succeed and by providing these services a county can reduce recidivism rates. Alternative Solutions provides a range of services, including program development and design, casework and community linkage staff training, referral to local community providers, and more.

System Assessment

Local Systems Assessments can help agencies and jurisdictions make more informed and effective criminal justice decisions on what is needed and how to make those changes. Local systems assessments will look at the current criminal justice practices and how to move forward with a forever-growing offender population that needs treatment and the budgetary constraints being faced at the same.

Grant Writing

Alternative Solutions can provide a range of services to support agencies in the grant writing process. We provide assistance with strategic planning in regard to potential funding sources to assist in operations, community or institutional programs and other areas of focus.