Offender Programs

ASAI Offender Programs

Institutions throughout the country are beginning to provide treatment programs to offenders in an effort to reduce recidivism rates. Alternative Solutions can provide assistance in program design and development based on the needs of the inmate population being served. We have twenty-five years of experience developing effective treatment programs that have been found to reduce recidivism rates. Some of the programs designed and developed include substance abuse treatment, employment and job readiness programs, cognitive behavioral programs and after incarceration support services programs. Alternative Solutions offers the following in regard to inmate programming:

  • Review and assessment of present treatment programs
  • Recommendations as to design and development of programs
  • Curriculum recommendations based on best practice
  • Recommendation and review of assessment and referral process
  • Classification flow matrix designed to target and move inmates into programs
  • Staff training

The following is a description of some of the programs that have been designed and developed by Alternative Solutions:

Hampden County, Massachusetts
  • Developed the first of its kind treatment continuum including the following:
  • A residential correctional treatment program (72 bed treatment unit);
  • A 21-day treatment program as part of a work release center;
  • Alternative programs including an electronic monitoring program, a day reporting center, an offender re-entry program and a regional correctional alcohol center;
  • A classification flow matrix that served as the catalyst for movement and treatment services through the system; and
  • An employment/life skills center and a job readiness/placement program.
National Institute of Corrections Transition from Jail to Community
  • The Urban Institute and Alternative Solutions were selected out of 68 applicants to work with NIC to develop the Transition from Jail to Community Project. Working with John Jay College, Alternative Solutions will develop program materials for jail administrators. Alternative Solutions will be working as the coordinator to the selected best practice sites for this is a 3 year project.
Sullivan County, New Hampshire, January 2006 – present
  • ASAI worked with the county to develop a reentry model including a new community corrections centers. Assisted them in securing funds for expansion of funds through the second chance demonstration projects and the Second chance co-occurring grants applications.
Norfolk County
  • Assisted the county in secure two second chance grant awards and developing a transition from jail to community model.
Franklin County, Massachusetts
  • Provided assistance in the development of reentry programs
City of New Orleans, August 2006 – 2009
  • Presently working with the City of New Orleans in the planning of a day reporting center program in an effort to ease jail overcrowding
Carroll County, New Hampshire
  • Assisted in the development of jail based transition programs
Dane County, Wisconsin
  • Provided an assessment of treatment programs and recommendation for a alcohol/drug treatment facility and a special needs facility for the Dane County Jail.
Pierce County, North Dakota
  • Worked with State, County and Local officials to design a regional jail and treatment center with local providers and criminal justice agencies in the development of this regional model.
Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Assisted in the designed and developed the Union House treatment program.
Department of Youth Services, Western Region, Massachusetts
  • Worked with DYS Regional Director and local non-profits in the development of a program designed for a community based youth reentry center.
Keene, New Hampshire
  • Work as the Executive Director for a 48 private, for-profit youth residential treatment facility. Responsibilities included treatment design, educational programming and policy and procedure development.

Alternative Solutions has consulted with programs throughout the country including the following:

Bernalillo County, New Mexico
  • Evaluation of treatment programs and community corrections including substance abuse treatment and community corrections programs.
Westchester County, New York
  • Evaluated the treatment continuum and recommended a classification flow design which allowed for targeted inmates to move through programs at scheduled times. This study included treatment program recommendations, curriculum design and referral and assessment options for the program.
Dutchess County, New York
  • Completed an analysis of community corrections programs and treatment programs.
Santa Barbara County, California
  • Provided assistance in the development of a reentry treatment programming and planning for a day reporting center.
Douglas County, Kansas
  • Provided assistance in the development of a reentry plan for offenders at their facility.