Jail Planning

Jail Planning with ASAI

Alternative Solutions can provide a full range of services for your facility in the area of jail planning. Corrections Departments around the country need assistance as they plan and move forward in making decisions about their current correctional facilities and how to make the most effective use of tax dollars to build and more importantly operate a facility over the next few decades.

Jail planning is not only considering the immediate needs, but also considering the long-term effects and growth needs of the facility. Good jail planning will assist you in minimizing construction and operational costs today and in the years to come. Assistance can also be provided in the area of regional jail planning and special needs facilities such as treatment facilities.

Included in jail planning are the following steps:

  • Needs assessment
  • Population forecasting
  • Operational analysis and management training
  • Facility staffing analysis
  • Inmate classification/special population management
  • New facility planning and design review
  • Facility transition and activation
  • Population reduction strategies

As a consultant for the National Institute of Corrections, Kevin has completed over 50 local system assessments and jail planning projects around the country including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Indiana. He has also worked with the following customers:


  • Dutchess County, New York – Facility planning for a new jail facility
  • Santa Barbara County, California- Facility planning for a new jail facility
  • Belknap County, New Hampshire-Facility planning for a new jail facility
  • Merrimack County, New Hampshire-Facility planning for a new reentry  facility
  • Montgomery County, Maryland – Analysis of pre-trial and alternative and reentry programs
  • JAG/King County, Washington – 37 cities evaluating long-term jail bed needs and options
  • Dane County, Wisconsin – needs assessment for a regional substance abuse treatment facility
  • Sullivan County, New Hampshire – needs assessment and planning for a new facility
  • Pierce County, North Dakota – needs assessment for a regional substance abuse treatment facility

Alternative Solutions specializes in the development of jail facilities with the following components:

  • Substance abuse treatment units
  • Mental health components
  • Jail programs and services
  • Work release facilities
  • Day reporting centers
  • Rentry centers