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Alternative Solutions Associates, Inc. was founded to provide services to agencies working with or within the criminal justice system.  The company’s president, Kevin Warwick, has been working in the criminal justice system since the early 1980’s and brings vast experience and knowledge in a broad range of criminal justice applications in correctional treatment and related disciplines.  Kevin directed and developed several community corrections and reentry programs and systems including the first day reporting center in the United States.

The criminal justice system in the United States continues to grow and evolve everyday.  The industry is striving to improve services for offenders in a cost effective manner.  The money that it costs to operate a correctional facility continues to rise.  Corrections and community corrections agencies need to provide effective services in a time of shrinking resources

Alternative Solutions can offer cost-effective solutions to incarceration through local systems assessments, reentry programming, staff trainings and grant writing assistance.  ASAI can also offer assistance on topics such as jail planning, jail overcrowding, and offender programs.  ASAI specializes in assisting agencies and organizations on how to develop the programs that best meet their needs today and in years to come. 

Alternative Solutions has provided training, technical assistance and other services for jurisdictions throughout the country.  Customers include state and local governments, non-profit and for-profit agencies as well as being a technical resource provider for the Office of Justice Programs and the National Institute of Corrections.  ASAI, in conjunction with the National Institute of Corrections and the Urban Institute, have created the Transition from jail to Community toolkit. Click the link below to find out more about the program.


TJC toolkit

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